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वायुपुत्रों की शपथ | Vayuputron Ki Shapath PDF in Hindi
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Vayuputron Ki Shapath In Hindi
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वायुपुत्रों की शपथ | Vayuputron Ki Shapath PDF in Hindi

Shiva is amassing his abilities. He eventually arrives in Panchavati, the Nagas’ capital, and the awful secret is exposed. Neelkanth is preparing for a religious fight with his true foe. Even the most ferocious warrior shudders when he hears the name of this foe. The terrible wars that occur one after the other disturb India’s consciousness. These conflicts are plots to take control of India. Many individuals will perish as a result of these. Shiva, on the other hand, cannot fail, no matter what the cost. With his bravery, he approaches Vayu’s boys, who are not yet ready to accept him.
Vasudeva was not pleased with Devagiri’s conclusion. But it was the knowledge that evil had been defeated and that Somers’ knowledge had been preserved that brought him serenity. The abolition of evil’s harmful repercussions has given India a fresh lease on life. Vasudeva benefited from Neelkantha’s accomplishment in achieving his goal. Gopal also developed formal ties with Virabhadra and the new Mahadeva tribe of Lhasa residents. Vasudev and the Lhasai will keep a close eye on India to guarantee that it prospers and develops in a balanced manner.
Shiva became aware of Vayu’s sons after seeing his friend Gopal. Shiva’s use of the Pashupati Astra would never be forgiven in his eyes. This was especially embarrassing for Mitra because, despite strong opposition, he had backed the designation of Shiva as Neelkatha. The penalty for using a divine weapon without permission was fourteen years in exile. Shiva expelled himself from India as a punishment for breaching his pledge to him and killing his mother-in-law Veerini, his pals Parvatisvara and Anandmayi! For the rest of his life, not just fourteen years.

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