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400+ Excel Formulas & Functions List PDF Free Download
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400+ Excel Formulas & Functions List
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Excel is a data-manipulation spreadsheet programme. It is capable of storing, organising, calculating, and displaying data in visual charts. Excel formulas are frequently used to automate math operations on spreadsheet data.

Excel Formulas

A formula in Excel is a set of instructions that tell the programme what to do with specific data. Starting a cell’s text with “=” informs Excel that the text that follows is a formula. Excel also has functions, which are pre-programmed functions that perform common calculations automatically.

Excel Formulas Benefits

Formulas can be copied and pasted from one cell to another, and even between workbooks. As a result, if users want to perform the same operations on multiple sets of data, they don’t have to recreate the formula. Formulas can be applied to a set of two numbers or to a group of data cells.

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