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Agni Puran

The Agni Purana is a very old Purana. From a classical and thematic standpoint, this Purana is extremely important. Agni Purana contains 12 thousand verses and 383 chapters. This Purana was told to Maharishi Vashistha by Lord Agni himself. That is why this Purana is known as the Agni Purana. Many thematic and public-useful disciplines can be found in the Agni Purana.
The Puranas are described as the embodiment of Lord Bishnu in the Padma Purana. Puranas are the various parts of him. Agni Purana is said to be Shri Hari’s left foot from this perspective.

In Agni Purana, there is a synthesis of many disciplines, including initiation method, evening worship method, description of Lord Krishna’s lineage, and so on. Prana-Pratishtha method, Vastu worship method, Samvat head names, creation description Tithi fasting, War fast, Day fast, Month fast, Tithi fasting, Tithi fasting, Tithi fasting, Tithi fasting, Tithi fasting, Tithi fasting, Tithi fasting, Tithi fasting, Tithi fasting, Tithi fasting, Ti Rajadharma, Rajadharma, Rajadharma, Rajadharma Dreams of various kinds, Occasion-unfavorable omen, Male and female auspicious signs, Utapata calming technique, Gem examination, sex signs, serpent symptoms, snakebite treatment, Gaya Yatra, Shradh Kalpa, Tattva Diksha are all terms used to describe the Gaya Yatra Method. Method of Deity Establishment, Enumeration of Manvantaras Vaishvadev Bali, Planetary Yantra, Trilokya Mohan Mantra, Description of Heaven and Hell, Siddhi Mantra, Grammar, Verse Shastra, Poetry Characteristics, Natyashastra, Ornament, Dictionary This Purana is very important in Indian Sanskrit literature because it contains many stories and knowledge of Yoganga, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Rudra Shanti, Rasa, Matsya, and Kurma incarnations.

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