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Alkaline Foods List PDF Free Download
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Alkaline Foods List
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Alkaline Foods Diet

An alkaline foods diet (also known as the alkaline ash diet, alkaline acid diet, alkalising, and the acid alkaline diet) is a healthy eating lifestyle centred on eating foods that metabolise (burn) to leave an alkaline residue (ash) of minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and copper. According to the pH of the solution generated by their ash in water, foods are classed as alkaline, acidic, or neutral.

Some of the benefits of going alkaline…

  • Disease prevention and cure, assisting in the prevention of many common and preventable diseases such as colds, yeast infections, diabetes, and cancer.
  • As your body releases excess acid trapped in fat, you will lose weight.
  • Anti-aging is achieved through extending the life of your body’s cells.
  • More vitality than ever before! There was no sluggishness in the afternoon.
  • It has great skin now that it doesn’t have to emit acidic pollutants through it.
  • Better sex life and better sleep!
  • Optimal health is more than just the absence of sickness. An alkaline diet will help you feel more alive and energetic, as well as boost your concentration, mental and physical stamina, and overall self-esteem.

Download Alkaline Foods List PDF for free 

                                                               Alkaline Foods List
Vegetables  Summer squash Grains, Cereals Diary & Meat
Artichokes Sweet Potatoes & Breads None
Asparagus (tips) Swiss chard Amaranth Condiments &
Bamboo Shoots Tomatoes Buckwheat Spices
Broccoli Turnips Kamut (Unfermented Soy)
Beetroots Watercress Millet Almond Butter
Bell Peppers Wheatgrass Quinoa Bee Pollen
Brussels Sprouts Wild Greens Spelt Bragg Aminos
Cabbages Zucchini Sprouted Breads Chili Pepper
Carrots Fruits Sprouted Tortillas Cinnamon
Cauliflowers Avocados Yeast-Free Curry Powders
Celery Grapefruits Breads Ginger
Chard Lemons Sweets & Guacamole (fresh
Chayote Limes Desserts made)
Chicory Tomatoes None Herbs (all)
Chives Oils & Fats Beans & Houmous
Collard Greens Avocado Oil Legumes Lemon Juice
Cucumbers Coconut Oil All moderately Lime Juice
Dandelions Flax Oil acidic Sea Salt
Dills Hemp Seed Oil Nuts & Seeds Oriental
Dulce Olive Oil Almond Butter Vegetables
Eggplant Saffower Oil Almonds Daikon
Endives Sesame Oil Carraway Seeds Dandelion Root
Garlic Grasses & Cumin Seeds Kombu
Green Beans Sprouts Fennel Seeds Maitake
Green Olives Alfalfa Hemp Seeds Nori
Green Peas Alfalfa Sprouts Pumpkin Seeds Reishi
Greens (leafy) Amaranth Sprouts Sesame Seeds Sea Vegetables
Horseradishes Barley Grass Sunflower Seeds Shitake
Jerusalem Broccoli Sprouts Drinks Umeboshi
Artichokes Dog Grass Alkaline Water Wakame
Kale Fenugreek Barley Grass
Kelp Sprouts Huide
Leeks Kamut Grass Coconut Water
Lettuces Kamut Sprouts Fresh Lemon &
Mustard Greens Lemon Grass Lime Water
Okra Millet Sprouts Fresh Veg Juices
Onions Mung Bean Green Drinks
Oyster plants Sprouts Green Tea
Parsley Oat Grass Herbal Tea
Parsnips Quinoa Sprouts Wheat Grass
Peas (fresh) Shave Grass Juice
Peppers Spelt Sprouts Udo’s Choice
Radishes Wheat Grass Beyond Greens
Sea Veggies
Sprouts (all)

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