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बृहस्पति व्रत कथा

Every day has its own glory, and each one is dedicated to a different goddess. It is believed that if you are unable to worship a goddess on a daily basis, your days would be satisfied solely by worshipping on that particular day. On Thursday, Srihari Vishnu’s grace is water, and he worships the law and legislation. Life gets away from you with all of the troubles that come your way. Let’s take a look at the fasting approach and its history.

Wake up before daylight on Thursday and put on your retired yellow clothes. After that, strew Ganges throughout the house. After that, place Srihari Vishnu’s statue or image in the worship house. Then give akhat and a yellow odour. Start worshipping gram-jaggery and method after that. Theologians are then well-versed in knowledge. Chant the mantra Vividhith Chinthi Devacharya Namostu. After that, read the fast storey. After you’ve finished reading the narrative, go to the banana tree and get some water.

After mantras, read the narrative of the Thursday fast.

A fast day is observed during the fast. After slipping, the sun can be eaten once a day. It’s preferable to eat yellow foods. However, do not use salt by accident. Bananas are considered auspicious as prasad. On this day, however, fasting people should avoid eating bananas. Give a banana to charity. After worship, it is vital to hear Jupiter Dev’s storey. It is claimed that if you don’t listen to the storey, it isn’t complete and you won’t obtain the entire result.

Brihaspati Vrat Katha Benefits

Seeing the fasting and fasting narrative fulfils all of one’s goals. This rapid accumulation of wealth results in the acquisition of real estate. Those who do not have children are forced to have them. The family’s happiness rises. Those who aren’t getting married right now get married right away. Such a person’s financial situation improves. The gift of wisdom and power has been acquired, and the flaw has been eliminated.

What is the best way to worship?

Thursday’s fast should begin on Thursday with Anuradha Nakshatra for 7 consecutive Thursdays, according to Agni Purana. On this day, after focusing on Lord Vishnu and waking up in the morning, one should take a fasting vow. Brihaspati Dev is worth contemplating. On this day, wear yellow clothing and eat yellow fruits. Lord Brihaspatidev and Vishnu should then be worshipped with fruits, flowers, and yellow clothing. After worship, the storey should be heard. It is considered auspicious to provide bananas as Prasad, although these bananas should only be donated. On Thursday evening, one should listen to the storey of Thursday, and on this day, one should eat yellow cuisine without salt, according to tradition. Food can also be made with chana dal.

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