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Calling Sehmat Novel Book

Calling Sehmat is an exciting storey about a spy who sacrificed herself and her family in the service of our country so that we could live in peace. It tells the storey of a Kashmiri woman who married a Pakistani Army officer in order to provide vital information to Indian intelligence during the 1971 Indo-Pak War. In order to get closer to Pakistan’s top brass, Sehmat invented novel methods. Through indefinable bravery, wit, and determination, she almost single-handedly torpedoed Pakistan’s war plans, saving the lives of thousands of Indian soldiers. The storey provides a rare glimpse into the humble yet courageous people of Kashmir, who not only swear allegiance to India, but are also willing to give their lives in the name of our nation.

This is one of the most excellent books I’ve ever read. Every word is written so delicately and powerfully that you can feel the thrill, excitement, fear, and a variety of other emotions. Every chapter introduces new feelings and ideas. You’ll want to reread the book at least twice.

If you’ve seen the movie RAAZI, you should definitely read this book; if you haven’t, you should still read it. Reading this book has a much stronger and longer lasting effect on you than watching the movie. If you enjoyed the film, you’ll enjoy the book even more.
The book is brimming with feelings of patriotism and self-sacrifice for the sake of the nation.

This book will fill you with pride and inspire you to be a patriot. Harinder Sikka deserves credit for taking the storey of Sehmat Khan, the incredible Kashmiri spy-princess of the 1971 war to light. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for motivation or who wants to see the power of sheer grit and bravery in action. Wonderful book that must be read to understand how much people like Sehmat Khan went through to protect our country’s identity, our ‘watan,’ during wartime.

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