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CCL Form

Women are entitled to 180 days of maternity leave and a two-year child care leave in all government institutions, regardless of whether they work for the federal government or the state government.

(CCL)Child care leave is a paid time off for all female employees to care for their children. This leave is available to women under the age of 18 for a maximum of 730 days over a period of two years. It takes place.

CCL can be obtained at any time, but leave can be obtained only when the child reaches the age of 18 and can be taken as needed. Men in government institutions are also given CCL.

Who gets child care leave

a female employee
Child care leave is available to single male workers.

During her entire service life, a female worker or a single male worker is entitled to child care leave, which includes 730 days of salary, for the care, education, or health needs of her first two minor children (under the age of 18).

Highlights of Child Care Leave

  • This is not a right that can be exercised. Only once the authorisation of the competent authority is granted can leave be taken.
  • Child care leave can only be taken three times each year.
  • Child care leave will not be granted in increments of fewer than 5 days.
  • The employee’s leave account will not be reduced for child care leave.
  • Sundays that fall between Child Care Leave, Gazetted Holidays, and other vacations are included in the leave.
  • Child care leave is treated as paid time off and is therefore sanctioned.
  • CCL was previously not available on the balance of earned leave, but it is now possible to take CCL on the balance of earned leave.
  • Paternity leave, maternity leave, half-pay leave, and earned leave are all options for CCL.
  • Even without a medical certificate, child care leave commuted leave of up to 60 days and leave not due for up to a year can be taken.
  • The employee’s leave account to CCL is documented on a predefined form and placed into his or her service book.

CCL Form PDF – Documents Required

  • Disability certificate if leave is taken to care for your child with a disability
  • child’s birth certificate
  • child care leave form
  • and other required documents

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