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Character Certificate

A character certificate, also known as a Police Clearance Certificate, is a legal document that verifies that an individual does not possess a negative or criminal record at the institution where they were previously engaged. A character certificate may be issued by the police, a government agency, or any other organisation.

Why would you need a character certificate?

For the following reasons, a character certificate may be required:

  • Education: A student may need a character certificate in the field of education, which is signed and stamped by the institution’s principal. The student’s behaviour at school is taken into account in this character certificate.
  • Employment: Similar to this, a character certificate that will be given to them by their institution or university may be required if a fresher seeks for a job.
  • Immigration/Travel: To identify criminals or anti-social elements, the immigration process may also call for a character certificate.
  • General: An organisation frequently requests a character certificate from the police, which is a broad police verification, to determine whether or not the applicant has a criminal history.

Documents Required to apply for a Character Certificate

When requesting a character reference, the following paperwork is needed:

  • Application Form, which is correctly and completely filled,
  • Requirement of the certificate; the purpose for which it will be used,
  • A passport-sized photograph,
  • Identity Proof,
  • Residential Address Proof, and
  • Age Proof.

Step-by-step Procedure to apply for a Character Certificate Online

A character certificate application is now available online. On each state’s official citizen website, you can find the character certificate application forms. To apply for a character certificate online, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the citizen portal for your state. Look for Character Verification/Character under “Citizen Services.”
  • Create an account on the character certificate signup page. To create your account, you must enter some basic information, your email address, and a password.
  • The login screen shows after the registration procedure is finished. To log in, enter your new email address and password.
  • After logging in, finish filling out the character certificate application form by entering the required data. Your name, your parents’ names, your date of birth, your home address, and your phone number are all included in this data.
  • The character certificate application will then request you to list your criminal history. If you have never been convicted of a crime, choose “no record” from the drop-down selection.
  • To enable cross-verification of the information you supplied, you must specify the police station in your neighbourhood and the name of your district.
  • The required documents must then be uploaded. Save your progress after you’ve uploaded the papers.
  • After saving the information, the character certificate application process must be concluded with the payment of a charge. Select the “pay” option to proceed with the payment. It will link you to a payment gateway so you can use your Visa or MasterCard to make a purchase.

Keep a copy of the application form you filled out and your special ID in case it is needed for verification.

What happens after the Verification Process is completed?

After the verification process is finished:

  • You will have access to the character certificate for download.
  • It is frequently advised to carry a physical copy of the certificate.
  • Get the certificate confirmed by an authorised official, such as a collector, a police officer, an MLA, or a member of parliament.

Step-by-step Procedure to apply for a Character Certificate Offline

Whether you want to get a character certificate, you can go to your school, college, workplace, or neighbourhood police station, ask them if you need one, and then follow their recommendations.

  • You must obtain the character certificate application form from the relevant authority. An application in writing is an alternative.
  • Attach any necessary documentation after completing the application form.
  • After reviewing the application and the related documents, the responsible officials compile a record and give you a record number for reference.
  • After then, the application is handled internally. Authorities who are concerned must carry out a physical check. The applicant’s information and supporting documents are carefully reviewed.
  • Following completion of the verification, the officials write a report that is delivered to the relevant authority. The decision to give the certificate is made by this authority.
  • Following proper processing, the applicant obtains the certificate within a given time range.

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