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Dibrugarh University Holiday List 2022

Dibrugarh University, India’s easternmost university, was founded in 1965 as a result of the Assam Legislative Assembly’s passage of the Dibrugarh University Act, 1965. It is a major research and innovation-driven university that serves as a geographical slot for shaping North East India’s socio-cultural dynamics. The University supports a wide range of endeavours that rely on a combination of thinking, theorising, and reflection.

Dibrugarh University is one of the top educational institutions in the country, combining multidisciplinary subjects with a variety of theoretical viewpoints, cultural diversity with knowledge practise, and regional challenges with a global perspective. The University’s industrial-academic link is active and productive. The University offers innovative educational experiences that equip the next generation to lead and make a difference, and so contribute to society at large, thanks to its strong global ties in teaching and research programmes. The university has 177 associated institutions and institutes spread out across Assam’s nine districts. All universities in India and abroad recognise Dibrugarh University, which is a member of the Association of Indian Universities.

It is located in Rajabheta, about five kilometres south of Dibrugarh, and is well connected by road, train, air, and waterways. The University is located on a 550-acre expansive campus in bucolic and picturesque surroundings. Dibrugarh, one of North East India’s commercial and industrial hubs, also holds a special place in the fields of art, literature, and culture. It is well-known around the world as a prosperous tea-growing region, as well as a mineral-rich region with abundant coal, oil, and natural gas reserves. From an environmental and ecological standpoint, its rich flora and wildlife make it an attractive region. The ethnic diversity of the people who live in this district creates a polychromatic ethnic mosaic that attracts academics from all over the world.

The University has made significant contributions to the academic, cultural, and economic development of not only North EastIndia, but also the country, by staying true to its mission of expanding the wings of holistic education and instilling a passion for research and development among generations of learners. It takes pleasure in’reaching the learners’ around the country, and upholds a variety of knowledge development and dissemination systems, effectively ‘letting the learners reach’ the institute. The University is a dynamic, living, expanding, animating, and eclectic force-field that stands for a cultural network of links and differences.

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