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Gayatri Chalisa

Shri Gayatri Chalisa is a beautiful poem dedicated to Mother Gayatri. Shri Ram Sharma Acharya composed the Gayatri Chalisa. Gayatri Chalisa contains forty chaupai.
All life’s worries are eliminated and all kinds of siddhis are acquired by reading this Chalisa. Prosperity is boosted by wealth.

Vedmata is the name given to Mother Gayatri. The recital of Gayatri Chalisa on a regular basis pleases Mother Gayatri.

Mother Gayatri, like Shiva, is a giver. The remover of sorrows is all sicknesses and sorrows. Mother Gayatri, you are the unbroken power of transformation, awakening, progress, and creation; you are the tranquilly, the brilliance in life. Mother Gayatri, you are the benefactor and the mother of this world, and you are the holy site of bliss.

Mother Gayatri is the bestower of eight siddhis, or funds, each of which can grant any wish. When a sage, a yeti, an ascetic, a yogi, a king, a poor person, or anybody else suffering from worry seeks refuge in the shelter, he receives the desired outcome.

Anyone who meditates on Maa Gayatri gains not just strength, wisdom, learning, and a peaceful demeanour, but also wealth, prosperity, and fame. After focusing on the mother, whomever recites Gayatri Chalisa receives numerous forms of delight, and his magnificence increases in every aspect.

If you get weak intellect and power of intellect by reciting Gayatri Chalisa, the diseases of the patients will be treated. All pains are cut away along with poverty. Worries and sorrows fade away.

Mother Gayatri is a powerful healer who can help you overcome any fear you may have. If there is turbulence in a person’s home, quarrels continue to occur, singing Gayatri Mantra helps to alleviate their problems. The childless also have good children and enjoy a happy and prosperous life.

Ghosts and devils lose all dread, and Yama’s messengers stay away from her even at the last moment, implying that anybody who chants Mother ji receives heaven. Those sweethearts who meditate to remember their mother have a safe honeymoon and always find bliss.

Those virgins who look after their mothers are matched with a suitable groom. Widows gain the ability to observe the genuine fast by chanting the mother.

Mother Gayatri is ecstatic for anyone who recites Gayatri Chalisa with complete devotion.

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