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Guru Charitra 6th Adhyay PDF Free Download
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Guru Charitra 6th Adhyay
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Guru Charitra 6th Adhyay

The Shri Guru Charitra is a work written by the 15th-16th century poet Shri Saraswati Gangadhar based on the biography of Shri Narasimha Saraswati.

The storey is based on Shri Narasimha Saraswati’s life, philosophy, and associated events. The language utilised is Marathi from the 14th and 15th centuries. The book is written in the form of a dialogue between Siddha (a Shri Narasimha Saraswati pupil) and Namdharak, who is listening to Siddha. Dhyankand (Knowledge), Karmakand (Work), and Bhaktikand (Belief) are the three parts (Devotion). It has 52 chapters, the 53rd of which is also known as ′Gurucharitra Avatarnika,′ which is the book’s summary.

About Guru Charitra 6th Adhyay

Gurucharitra Adhyay 6 is written in the Marathi language. ShriPadShriVallabha, God Dattatreya’s first incarnation, began his tIrthyatra by visiting Gokarna Mahabaleshwar. Goa is home to Gokarna Mahabaleshwar. In this Adhyay, Namadharak asks Saraswati Gangadhar why Guru came to Gokarna Mahabaleshwar. This Adhyay 6 describes the Mahatmya of Gokarna Mahabaleshwar.

Gokarna Mahabaleshwar is a holy and well-known place with a Shiva temple. A PranLinga of God Shiva may be found in this temple. People worship PranLinga and accept God Shiva’s blessings. If worshippers worship God Shiva’s PranLinga every day for three years, all of their wishes are granted. Ravana was informed this by God Shiva himself.

Further, such a devotee will become like God, and he will not die. Pulstya’s son was Ravana. Every day, Ravana’s mother would worship Shiva’s Linga. Ravana came across her worshipping a soil-based Linga one day. He told her that because she was my mother, she needed the best Linga to worship God Shiva. As a result, Ravana proceeded to Kailas Mountain and attempted to drag it to Lanka. Everyone on the mountain was terrified, and they knew exactly what was going to happen. Goddess Parvati approached God Shiva and inquired about the disappearance of peak Kailas. God Shiva urged her not to be scared because Ravana, his disciple, was playing and doing everything. Ravana was buried by God Shiva by applying pressure to his legs. Ravana was terrified and began invoking the name of God Shiva. Ravana was dragged out by God Shiva, who was pleased. Ravana then began his dedication by singing various Ragas at various times. He began playing Veena (Musical Instrument). Then there was God Shiva, who was ecstatic. Ravana began chopping off pieces of his head one by one. (We already know Ravana had ten heads.) God Shiva stood in front of Ravana because he was pleased by his devotion.

Ravana was blessed by God Shiva, who granted him his PranLinga. He promised him that if he worshipped the PranLinga every day for three years, he would be rewarded. All of their wishes would be granted to such devotees. There would be no death for such a devotee, and he or she would be transformed into God. God Shiva also warned Ravana not to install PranLinga anywhere on the soil until he arrived in Lanka, because it would become fixed and unable to be moved. Ravana then embarked on a journey to Lanka. BrahmaRushi Narad witnessed all of this. He went to Indra, the God of the Universe, and told him everything. He informed him that Ravana will become immortal and the King of All Gods. Indra would then be forced to serve Ravana. When God Indra heard this, he was terrified, and he and Narad went to God Brahma, who took them both to God Vishnu.

God Vishnu devised a scheme and dispatched his Sudarshan Charka to extinguish the Sun. He went to Ravana and requested God Ganesh to transform him into a kid; Ravana would stop for Sandhya (evening prayer), and while conducting Sandhya, Ravana would have to give the PranLinga to someone. Ravana approached an 8-year-old boy named BalGanesh and asked him to hold the PranLinga for a brief period. Ravana thus began Sandhya. BalGanesh eventually begged Ravana to take the PranLinga right away because it was too heavy for him to hold. BalGanesh was asked to wait by Ravana. BalGanesh placed the PranLinga on the earth after invoking Ravana for the third time.

It became fixed there, as God Shiva had predicted. Ravana attempted to pull it out but was unable. However, the PranLinga took on the shape of a cow’s ear. Mahabaleshwar in Goa is the location where the PranLinga was fixed. Because the PranLinga resembles a cow’s ear, the location and temple are known as Gokaran-Mahabaleshwar. Everything went according to God Vishnu’s plan. Ravana was unable to bring PranLinga to Lanka and hence became immortal.

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