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Hamdard Products List PDF In Urdu
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Hamdard Products List

In 1906, Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed, an unworldly man who was committed, determined, and unworldly, created Hamdard Dawakhana in undivided India’s capital, Delhi. Since its humble beginnings as a little Unani clinic in one of historic old Delhi’s back alleys, Hamdard has been associated with honesty and good quality in the area of very inexpensive Unani remedies.

Hamdard’s aims were lofty even from humble beginnings: to alleviate the suffering of the sick through the application of therapeutic herbs. With the basic premise that no one has ever gotten poor by giving, Hakeem Abdul Majeed allowed the entire world to find compassion in him.

He died too soon, but his wife, Rabia Begum, and her son, Hakeem Abdul Hameed, not only continued but greatly expanded the institution. As he grew older, Hakeem Abdul Hameed handled all responsibilities. After supporting him with his upbringing and schooling, he included his younger brother in the management of the school. Both brothers, Hakeem Abdul Hameed and Hakim Mohammed Said, rose above all obstacles by assisting others. With their incredible drive, the siblings transformed Hamdard from a Unani pharmaceutical company to a welfare organisation, and then into a waqf, or trust, committed to the nation’s health and education.

We had long maintained that working in old, traditional ways would not be entirely fruitful. A greater viewpoint was essential for a long and meaningful existence. As a result of our talented staff at Hamdard’s assistance in the system’s rise to popularity, we were able to explore a huge field of discovery and research.

Because of our unwavering passion, unwavering commitment, and long-term experiments, Hamdard was able to succeed. Our profound knowledge of Unani formulas contributed to our victory.

The first of the challenges we faced was the diversity of formulations for one multi herbal treatment across several pharmacopoeias. Furthermore, there were little records to aid in the medication processing. Not ones to give up lightly, we overcame these obstacles and, after extensive investigation, created internationally recognised formulations. Then we proceeded to index and standardise them. As a result of this, the Hamdard Pharmacopoeia was published (Qarabadin-Hamdard).

Our organisation has introduced a number of wholly new medications in addition to well-known ones. We are most proud of our R&D centres, which are equipped with cutting-edge research enabling technologies. The organization’s strengths include the creation of unique items, which is what distinguishes it as a dependable and well-known company.

Even while we focus on developing new technologies, Hamdard continues to evaluate research efficiency.

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