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Jaher Vahivat Book

The organisation of government policies and programmes, as well as the behaviour of officials (typically non-elected) formally responsible for their conduct, are important concerns of public administration.

Heads of city, county, regional, state, and federal departments, such as municipal budget directors, human resources (H.R.) administrators, city managers, census managers, state [mental health] directors, and cabinet secretaries, are all examples of unelected public servants who can be considered public administrators. Public administrators are civil servants who work in government departments and agencies at all levels.

In India, public administration plays a critical role not just as a tool for governance, but also as a process for social development and advancement. Today’s public administration should not only safeguard its residents from internal and foreign threats, but also participate actively in the country’s social, political, economic, and cultural growth.

Some define ‘administration’ as the sum total or entire complex of manual, clerical, technical, and managerial activities undertaken to achieve the goal in mind, i.e. the implementation of a policy or policies in a given field, while others define it as just one of the activities concerned with management, which unites and controls the others as a whole. The aforementioned two perspectives on the nature of administration can be classified as ‘integral’ and’managerial,’ respectively.

With its rich culture, languages, and numerous states, India is remarkable in many ways. Although they are all under a common union government with the same financial, legal, and administrative framework, the people of some states enjoy good wealth, high literacy, developed infrastructure, and rule of law, whereas the people of others lack in some or all of these areas.

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