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Japji Sahib Path PDF in Punjabi
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Japji Sahib Path in Punjabi

Guru Nanak’s first composition, Japji Sahib, is widely regarded as the comprehensive essence of Sikhism. Because it is the first Bani in Nitnem, it is considered one of the most important Banis or “sets of verses” by Sikhs. Nanak’s discourse on “what is true worship” and “what is the nature of God” is noteworthy. It is intended for “individual meditative recitation” and as the first item of daily devotional prayer for the devout, according to Christopher Shackle. It’s a chant heard in Sikh gurdwaras during morning and evening prayers (temples). It is also chanted at the Khalsa initiation ceremony and during the cremation ceremony in Sikh tradition.

Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, composed the Japji Sahib, a Sikh prayer that appears at the beginning of the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh scripture. It starts with the Mool Mantra, then moves on to 38 Saudis (stanzas), and finally to a final Salok at the end.

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