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Jee Main Syllabus 2022

On the official website, the National Testing Agency (NTA) will publish the JEE Main 2022 syllabus for Paper 1 and Paper 2 as well as an information booklet. In this article, candidates may find the JEE Main syllabus 2022 for Paper 1 (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics), Paper 2A (Mathematics, Aptitude Test, and Drawing), and Paper 2B (Mathematics, Aptitude Test, and Planning based Questions). To develop an effective study strategy for the examination, candidates should be thoroughly informed of the JEE Mains 2022 Syllabus and its weightage. It should be remembered that JEE Main questions are covered according to the JEE Mains 2022 syllabus.

For JEE Main preparation, students must be aware with the most recent JEE Main exam pattern and syllabus. Candidates can look at the weightage and JEE Main question papers in addition to the syllabus to get a sense of the exam’s difficulty level and the types of questions that will be asked. We have published the entire NTA JEE Mains syllabus with weightage PDF 2022 in this article. For all of the papers below, the complete JEE Main 2022 curriculum has been provided.

JEE Main Physics Syllabus

Physics and MeasurementThermodynamics
KinematicsRotational Motion
GravitationWork and Energy
PowerProperties of Solids and Liquids
Laws of MotionElectronic Devices
Current ElectricityElectromagnetic Waves
Communication SystemsElectromagnetic Induction
MagnetismAlternating Currents
Magnetic Effects of CurrentKinetic Theory of Gases
Dual Nature of MatterRadiation

JEE Main Chemistry Syllabus

Physical Chemistry
Basic concepts in ChemistryStates of Matter
Chemical bondingAtomic Structure
Redox ReactionsChemical Thermodynamics
Surface ChemistryChemical Kinetics
Organic Chemistry
PolymersPrinciples of Practical Chemistry
Organic Compounds – Characterisation and PurificationOxygen, Halogens, and Nitrogen Organic Compounds
Basics of Organic ChemistryChemistry in everyday life
Inorganic Chemistry
HydrogenClassification of Elements
PeriodicityAlkali metals
Group 13 to Group 18 ElementsAlkaline earth metals
D and f block elementsCoordination compounds
Environmental chemistryIsolation of metals

JEE Main Maths Syllabus

Sets, Relations, and FunctionsComplex Numbers
DeterminantQuadratic Equations
MatricesPermutations Combinations
Mathematical InductionSequence Series
Binomial TheoremLimits and Continuity
Differential EquationsIntegral Calculus
TrigonometryVector Algebra
Coordinate GeometryMathematical Reasoning
3D GeometryProbability

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