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Kirtan Sohila Path

Before going to sleep, all Sikhs say Kirtan Sohila, which is a nighttime prayer. Guru Nanak, Guru Ram Das, and Guru Arjan, three Sikh Gurus, contributed a total of five shabads to this bani about the agony of separation and the joy of unity with Almighty.

Guru Nanak recites the first three shabads, Guru Ram Das recites the fourth, and Guru Arjan Dev recites the fifth. It’s the most beautiful Naad you’ll ever hear. It amplifies the aura’s sensitivity to the point of protection, eradicating any negative energy for miles.

Recite Kirtan Sohila whenever you are threatened by any species, whether direct or indirect; whenever you desire to be protected by the entire magnetic field of the earth. It works as a sleep aid!

These hymns have tremendous religious and artistic importance.

  • The first shabad depicts the human self’s connection with the Ultimate Reality.
  • Despite the limitless diversity of scriptures, instructors, and beliefs, the second shabad emphasises the Ultimate’s singularity.
  • The third shabad rejects all forms of external piety and ritual in favour of a vivid depiction of the entire cosmos worshipping in unison. Instead of platters with incense and other gifts placed on them, the heavens become an integrated plate, with the sun and moon serving as lamps, the stars as beads, and the vegetation serving as a flower offering. The inner unstruck melody plays motionlessly in place of the loud chanting.
  • The fourth shabad discusses the significance of the divine Name, which is the source of all suffering and transmigration.
  • The fifth shabad honours life in this world, urging us to take use of this magnificent opportunity to assist others and gain divine merit. The unknown Mystery is revealed to the enlightened person, who enjoys the bliss and freedom of immortality as a result.

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