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Kumbakonam, in the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu, is a historic temple town and one of India’s top tourist destinations, flanked by the two rivers Cauvery and Arasalar. Kumbakonam translates to “Pot’s Corner.” When the earth was destroyed by a tsunami, Lord Brahma asked Lord Shiva where he could resume creation, according to legend. He advised him to create a magical jar out of sand collected from several holy sites and float it in the floodwater. Kumbakonam is the location where the pot came to a halt and Lord Shiva discharged an arrow, causing some nectar to drip on the ground, reviving life on the planet.

Between the 7th and 9th centuries AD, Kumbakonam grew to prominence as a king-ruled city. During the British Raj, the town reached its pinnacle of prosperity and was dubbed “Cambridge of the South” for being a significant hub of European education and Hindu culture.

The magnificent monuments and temples here reflect Tamil Nadu’s grandeur. Many of Kumbakonam’s holy shrines are dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. In Kumbakonam, there are approximately 188 sites. The town is famous for its prominent educational institutions, carved Panchaloha idols, silk products, brass and metal wares, and brass and metal wares. And the temples here are famous for their ornate pillars, innovative wall paintings, and mythological legends.

Kumbakonam Temples List

Saivite Temples in Kumbakonam

  • Kasi Viswanathar Temple
  • . Adi Kumbeswara Temple
  • . Someswar Temple
  • . Nageswaran Temple
  • . Ekambeswarar Temple
  • . Abimukeswarar Temple
  • . Gauthameswarar Temple
  • . Kambatta Viswanathar Temple
  • . Banapuriswarar Temple
  • . Kalahasteeswarar Temple
  • . Kottaiyur Kodeeswarar temple
  • . Amirthakadeswarar Temple, Sakkottai

Vaishnavite Temples in Kumbakonam

  • Sarangapani Temple
  • . Chakrapani Temple
  • . Ramaswamy Temple
  • . Rajagopalaswamy Temple
  • . Varahaperumal Temple
  • Specialty

Other Temples in Kumbakonam

  • . Sri Vijayeendra Tirtha Moola Brindavanam
  • . Sri SitaRama Bhavani Sankarar Temple
  • . Sri Rama Bhajanai Sabha

Temples around Kumbakonam

  • . Thirunageswaram Temple
  • . Pateeswaram temple
  • . Airavatesvara Temple
  • . Navagraha Temples
  • . Swamimalai temple
  • . Thiruvalanjuzhi Vinayakar Temple
  • . Tribhuvanan or tirubhuvanan Sharabheshwarar Temple
  • . Thirucherai Temples

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