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Kurma Puran

The Kurma Purana is ranked 15th among the eighteen Puranas. Lord Vishnu, in the form of the Kurma avatar, told this Purana to King Indradyumna, and Lord Kurma told the same storey to Indra, the gods, and Narada again. For the third time, on the occasion of Naimisharanya’s 12th year Mahasatra, 88000 sages had the privilege of listening to this Purana by Romaharshan Sut ji, which is known as the Kurma Purana because it is said by Lord Kurma.

This Purana has 17000 verses and describes the five main characteristics of Puranas, Sarga, Pratisarga, Vansh, Manvantara, and Vanshnucharit. G. has discussed Lord Kurma’s storey, listing the characteristics of the Puranas as well as the names of the eighteen Puranas.

The origin of Lakshmi ji, their importance, the account of Lakshmi and Indradyumna, Indradyumna’s praise of Lord Vishnu, the description of Varnashrama and his duties, and Shivatva in the form of Brahma have all been rendered in the context of Kurmavatar.

Following that, the description of creation, Kalpana, Manvantara, and age calculation, Story of Varaha Avatar, Shiva Parvati Character, Yoga Shastra, Story of Vamana Avatar, Sun, Moon lineage, Anusuya’s progeny description, and description of Yaduvansh, Nature of the four Yugas, of Moksha Vaishnava, Shaiva, Shakta have been described under the means and Hinduism, Kurma Puran.

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