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List of Biosphere Reserves in India

Biosphere Reserves: Biosphere reserves are made up of terrestrial, marine, and coastal habitats that balance biodiversity conservation with long-term use.

Structure of Biosphere Reserves:

The biosphere reserves are divided into three zones that are interconnected:

Zone of Concentration: Core areas protect the region’s indigenous wild plant and animal species, as well as those of outstanding scientific importance. The Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, protects and regulates a core zone, which is a National Park or Sanctuary. Human intervention is prohibited in the core zone.

Zone of Safety: The buffer zone surrounds or adjoins the core zone. In the Buffer Zone, only a few human activities that do not harm the environment are authorised, such as restoration, limited recreation, tourism, fishing, grazing, and so on. In the Buffer Zone, research and educational activities are welcomed.

Zone of Transition:A biosphere reserve’s transition area is the most remote part of the reserve. Settlements, crop lands, managed forests, and areas for intensive leisure make up this cooperative zone where conservation knowledge and management skills are used.

Tripartite Functions Of Biosphere Reserve:

  • Conservation
  • Development
  • Logistics Support

Criteria for designation of BR:

  • site that must have a well-protected and lightly altered core area of high conservation importance.
  • The core area should be representative of a bio-geographical unit and large enough to support healthy populations from all trophic levels of the ecosystem.
  • The management authority is responsible for ensuring local community participation and cooperation in order to contribute a diverse range of expertise and experiences to integrate biodiversity conservation and socio-economic development while managing and resolving conflicts.
  • Areas with the potential to preserve traditional tribal or rural ways of life in order to make the most use of the environment.

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