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List of Conjunctions PDF
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List of Conjunctions


Conjunctions are words or groups of words that join two or more words, clauses, phrases, or sentences. Joining words are what are referred to as conjunctions.

Examples of Conjunctions: She is talented in both cooking and dancing; if we leave now, we will be home by 11 p.m.; He couldn’t be brought before a judge for punishment; neither her friends nor family came to the celebration; and the famed dancer enjoys folk music.

Types of Conjunctions

  • Subordinators/Subordinating Conjunctions – These conjunctions link dependent and independent clauses together.
  • Coordinators/Coordinating conjunctions – These conjunctions connect or coordinate two or more sentences, major clauses, words, or other pieces of speech that are important in the same way.
  • Correlative conjunction – These conjunctions act in pairs to unite phrases or words in a sentence that are of similar importance.
  • Adverbs with a conjunctive suffix – These adverbs are used to express sequence, contrast, cause and effect, and other relationships by connecting one clause to the next.

Important Rules:

  • Conjunctions come in handy when building lists. For example, when you come to take a test, you must bring your pen, pencil, eraser, and scale.
  • Make sure that all of the elements of your sentences agree when utilising conjunctions. “I work in ICU but with caution,” for example, demonstrates agreement.
  • Conjunctions connect nouns, sentences, and other components of speech, as well as thoughts, actions, and concepts. For instance, I went to the supermarket and purchased all festival-related things.

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