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Prime Ministers of India

India’s current and 14th Prime Minister (in person) is Narendra Modi. He is the fourth Prime Minister of India to serve two consecutive terms as Prime Minister, and the first Non-Congress Party Prime Minister to do so. We have included a list of all Indian Prime Ministers till date in this article.

According to Article 75 of the Indian Constitution, the President of India will designate a Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is the Minister-in-Chief of the Cabinet. The Prime Minister is in charge of the government’s principal executive functions, while the President is the titular head of state. The Prime Minister of India’s responsibilities are outlined in Article 78 of the Indian Constitution. While performing his duties, he serves as a liaison between the President and the Cabinet.

The Prime Minister of India sets the dates for the Parliament session’s meetings and programmes. He also chooses whether or not the House of Representatives should be prorogued or disbanded. He announces major government programmes and responds to inquiries as the chief spokesman.

The Prime Minister (PM) makes recommendations to the President on a variety of matters, including the appointment of several officers, the allocation and rearrangement of various portfolios among Ministers, and the presiding over and influencing decisions of the Council of Ministers. The Prime Minister has the authority to ask any member to resign or to suggest that a Minister be removed from office to the President.

List of Prime Ministers of India (1947-2021)

India has had 19 Prime Ministers in its 72 years of independence. In the table below, you’ll find a list of India’s Prime Ministers, along with their terms in office:

S.NoPrime MinisterPeriod
1Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru15th Aug 1947- 27th May 1964
2Gulzarilal Nanda (interim)27th May 1964- 9th Jun 1964
3Lal Bahadur Shastri9th June 1964 -11th January 1966
4Gulzarilal Nanda11th January 1966- 24th January 1966
5Indira Gandhi24th January 1966- 24th March 1977
6Morarji Desai24th March 1977- 28th July 1979
7Charan Singh28th July 1979- 14th January 1980
8Indira Gandhi14th January 1980- 31st October 1984
9Rajiv Gandhi31st October 1984- 2nd December 1989
10Vishwa Pratap Singh2nd December 1989- 10th November 1990
11Chandra Shekhar10th November 1990-21st June 1991
12P. V Narasimha Rao21st June 1991- 16th May 1996
13Atal Bihari Vajpayee16th May 1996-1st June 1996
14H. D Deve Gowda1st June 1996- 21st April 1997
15Inder Kumar Gujral21st April 1997- 18th March 1998
16Atal Bihari Vajpayee18th March 1998- 22nd May 2004
17Dr Manmohan Singh22nd May 2004 -17th May 2014
18Narendra Modi26th May 2014 -23rd May 2019
19Narendra Modi30th May 2019 -Incumbent

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