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Nav Durga Vrat Katha And Aarti

During Navratri, devotees worship Maa Durga in nine various forms for nine days. It is thought that praising and worshipping the mother produces unique outcomes on the days of Navratri. It is possible to achieve happiness and prosperity in life. Many people fast and set up a Kalash in their homes on this day. In addition, the house is lit by the perpetual flame of mother’s name. During the Navratri fast, strict discipline is required. In addition, fasting necessitates restraint.

Maa Durga’s Nine Forms and Glory:

  •  Shail Putri- Shail Putri is Mother Durga’s initial manifestation. Because of the birth of the mountain king Himalaya, she is known as Shailputri. On the first day of Navratri, Shailputri is worshipped. Devotees who worship him are always surrounded by money and food.
  • Brahmacharini- Brahmacharini is another name for Mother Durga. This manifestation of Maa Durga will shower devotees and seekers with an endless supply of blessings. The spirit of austerity, renunciation, detachment, virtue, and restraint is awakened by their worship.
  • Chandraghanta- Chandraghanta is Maa Durga’s third form. On Tritiya, they are revered. One can be free of all sins by worshipping him. The attributes of heroism become more prominent. When a divine supernatural melody is added to the tone, the attraction grows.
  • Kushmanda- On Chaturthi, Maa Kushmanda is worshipped. All ailments and sorrows are removed, and age and fame are increased, by worshipping them and obtaining siddhis.
  • Skandmata- Skandmata is worshipped on the fifth day of Navratri. Happiness is bestowed by the mother who opens the gates of salvation. Mother grants all of her worshippers’ wishes.
  • Katyayani- Katyayani is the mother’s sixth form. On the sixth day, they are worshipped. Worshiping them communicates incredible power. Katyayani allows the seeker to defeat their foes. At dusk, they must meditate.
  • Kalratri- It is customary to worship Mother Kali on the seventh day of Navratri. Worshiping them frees you from all sins and makes foes vanish. grows quickly
  • Maa Gauri- Maa Gauri is the Goddess’s eighth form. The law of worship is enacted on the eighth day of this month. He is adored by everyone on the planet. All faults are erased and revolution is accelerated by worshipping Mahagauri. The level of happiness rises. The enemy has been subdued.
  • Siddhidatri- On the ninth day of Navratri, Mother Siddhidatri is worshipped. By worshipping them, one gains all new-funds such as Anima, Laghima, Attainment, Prakamya, Mahima, Ishitva, Sarvakaamavasamyita, distant hearing, transcendental entrance, speech accomplishment, immortality, emotion accomplishment, and so on.

No one can do rigorous penance in today’s world, but through chanting-penance-worship, one can become an object of mother’s grace according to one’s own power.

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