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Lal Kitab In Hindi

Lal Kitab is unique in the realm of vedic astrology because it was the first book to explain how certain planetary positions in one’s horoscope should also reflect in one’s palm lines. To put it another way, the book is about astro-palmistry, which is a hybrid of palmistry and Jyotisha, or Hindu astrology.

A crimson hardcover edition of the books was available. Lal refers to the colour red in Hindi and Urdu, while Kitab refers to a book. In addition, in India, company ledger books are generally bound in red. Red is also regarded auspicious in Hinduism, and is associated with Ganesha and Lakshmi.

Red kum-kum is required for all auspicious events and Hindu religious activities. The Lal Kitab volumes were also given a red binding since they include duniyavi hisaab kitaab (the ledger book of one’s life). In fact, every book dealing with this method must be bound in a non-shiny red colour, according to the Lal Kitab.

Lal Kitab pioneered a novel approach to horoscope interpretation, focusing on rapid and inexpensive treatments rather than pooja and gemstone wearing, which were commonly advocated by other branches of Vedic astrology and Jyotisha.

Nowadays, there are a lot of Lal Kitab worshippers. In India and beyond, many Lal Kitab practitioners can be found giving medicines based on the farmanns of these texts. Many people report that the cures in these books have helped them. The number of Lal Kitab adherents is steadily increasing, and the science is now widely practised throughout the world.

Many of the book’s astrological treatments, called as upaya or farmans, have become part of Indian and Pakistani society, such as tossing coins into rivers when passing by, feeding grass to cows, bread to dogs, and offering meals to unmarried girls.

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