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Padma Puran

Padma Purana is first and foremost a Vaishnava Purana. Reading this Purana purifies one’s life. Padma Purana is unique among the 18 Puranas. Friends, the Padma Purana contains 55000 verses divided into five sections. The first section is Srishtikhand, followed by Bhumikhand, Swargkhand, Patalkhand, and Uttarakhand. This Purana describes the origins of the earth, sky, and constellations. And how are the four kinds of living beings born on this planet, which have been classified as Udibhaja, Svedaj, Andaj, and Jarayuj. Padma Purana also contains a detailed compilation of all of India’s mountains and rivers. This Purana recounts the lives of many ancestors, ranging from Shakuntala Dushyant to Lord Shri Ram. Bharata, the son of Shakuntala Dushyanta, was the inspiration for the name India. Jammu Deep was the name of our country in ancient times. Friends, the entire world was encapsulated in this Purana in the form of a Golden Lotus (Padma), which is why it was named Padma Purana.

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