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PH Man List in Hindi

The pH (Power of Hydrogen) value is a number that indicates the acidity and alkalinity of a substance; it is equal to the logarithm of the reciprocal of the hydrogen ion (H+) concentration.
[H+] pH = – log 10
Saarsen was the first to discover the pH scale. When a person’s blood pH drops by 0.2, they die.

 Characteristics of pH value

  • The value of pH drops as the temperature rises.
  • The pH scale runs from 0 to 14.
  • Acidic solutions have a pH of less than 7.
  • Alkaline solutions have a pH greater than 7.
  • Neutral solutions have a pH of 7.

 Types of pH

  • Acidic pH – Acidic pH refers to compounds with a pH value less than 7.
  • Alkaline pH – Substances with a pH greater than 7 are referred to as alkaline pH.

PH Man List Hindi

  • जल का pH मान कितना होता है = 7
  • दूध का PH मान कितना होता है = 6.4
  • सिरके का PH कितना होता है = 3
  • मानव रक्त का pH मान = 7.4
  • नीबू के रस का pH मान = 2.4
  • अम्लीय घोल का pH मान कितना होता है = 7 सेकम
  • उदासिन घोल का pH मान = 7
  • किसी व्यक्ति के रक्त के pH मान में कितना परिवर्तन होने पर मत्यु हो जाती है = 0.2
  • मानव मूत्र का pH मान = 4.8 – 8.4
  • समुद्री जल का pH मान = 8.5
  • मानव लार का pH मान = 6.5 – 7.5

अन्य एसिडिक सूची :

  • हाइड्रोक्लोरिक एसिड (HCL) का pH मान(pH Value) = 0
  • बैटरी एसिड (H2SO4)  का pH मान(pH Value) = 1.0
  • सेब, सोडा का pH मान(pH Value) =3.0
  • अचार का pH मान(pH Value) =3.5-3.9
  • टमाटर का pH मान(pH Value) =4.5
  • केले का pH मान(pH Value) =4.5-5.2
  • एसिड वर्षा का pH मान(pH Value) =5.0 केआसपास
  • रोटी का pH मान(pH Value) =5.3-5.8
  • लाल मांस का pH मान(pH Value) =5.4 से 6.2
  • चारेदार पनीर का pH मान(pH Value) =5.9
  • मक्खन का pH मान(pH Value) =6.1 से 6.4
  • मछली  का pH मान(pH Value) =6.6 से 6.8

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