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Rajasthan Road Map PDF Free download
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About Rajasthan road Map

Rajasthan has a well-connected network of 1, 50,876 kilometres of highways that run the length and breadth of the state.

Rajasthan is connected to the rest of India by a number of national highways. A Rajasthan road map depicts all of the state’s major highways (both national and state). National Highway 8 is the state’s most well-known highway. It is the country’s oldest four- to eight-lane highway.

The state has one inter-city surface transportation infrastructure, which includes bus and rail services. Railways, flights, and highways connect all of the state’s major cities.


Rajasthan is well connected to all of India’s major cities, including Ahmedabad, New Delhi, and Indore, via both national and state highways.

The RSRTC, or Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation, is a government-owned company that provides regular bus services throughout the state. Bus services are also provided by privately owned companies.

Rajasthan’s national highway system covers a total distance of 5,585 kilometres. Ajmer, Jaipur, Udaipur, and Chittorgarh are all connected by the NH8, the state’s most well-known highway. The NH 8 runs for about 688 kilometres within the state’s borders.

NH 11, NH 3, NH 11B, NH 11A, NH 14, NH 12, NH 65, NH 15, NH 79, NH 76, NH 89, NH 79A, NH 112, NH 90, NH 113, NH 116, and NH 114 are the other national highways in the state.

The state currently has 85 state highways with a total length of 11,716 kilometres.

Rajasthan’s transportation system is made up of 14.5 percent state highways and national highways. At the same time, these highways are responsible for 85 percent of all traffic. Around 60% of Rajasthan’s villages are connected by bitumen roads.

The state is well connected, with a road network that stretches 150,876 kilometres across it.

Rajasthan’s National Highways

The following are the names of Rajasthan’s national highways:

NH3 – The distance between Madhya Pradesh’s border and Uttar Pradesh’s border – Majiyan is 20 miles or 32 kilometres.

NH8 – Bechiwara – Khairwara – Udaipur – Nathdwara – Dewair – Bhim – Beawar – Ajmer – Kishangarh – Jaipur – Manoharpur – Kotputli – Behror – Ajarka – Manoharpur – Kotputli – Behror – Ajarka – Manoharpur (covers a distance of 688 km or 428 miles)

Starting from Bikaner on National Highway 15, take NH11 to Sri Dungarh, Ratangarh, Fatehpur, Sikar, Ringas, Jaipur, Dausa, Mahwa, and Bharatpur until you reach the Uttar Pradesh border (covering a distance of 330 miles or 531 km)

NH11A – National Highway 8 begins in Kothum and connects Lalsot, Dausa, and Manoharpur (covers a distance of 90 miles or 145 km)

NH11B runs from Dhaulpur on NH 3 to Bari-Barauli-Anjai-Muthra-Sir-Karauli-Gangapur and ends near Lalsot at its intersection with NH 11A. (covers a distance of 110 miles or 180 km)

NH12 – Jaipur – Kothum – Tonk – Devli – Bundi – Kota – Jhalawar – Aklera – Ghatoli – Madhya Pradesh border (covering a distance of 250 miles or 400 km)

Starting at the Gujarat border, take NH14 to Mawal, Beawar, Abu Road, Pindwara, Sirohi, Sanderav, Pali, and Chadawal (covering a distance of 190 miles or 310 km)

NH15 runs from the Gujarat border to the Punjab border, passing through Sanchor, Barmer, Shiv, Devikot, Jaisalmer, Pokaran, Phalodi, Kolayat, Bikaner, Lunkaransar, Suratgarh, and Ganganagar (covering a distance of 563 miles or 906 km)

NH65 connects Pali, Jodhpur, Soila, Nagaur, Deh, Ladnun, Salasar, Fatehpur, Churu, and Rajgarh, and ends at the Haryana border (covering a distance of 252 miles or 405 km)

NH71B begins near the Haryana border near Taoru and ends at Bhiwadi, which is also near the Haryana border (covering a distance of 3.1 miles or 5 km)

NH76 runs from the Madhya Pradesh border to Gogunda, passing through Deori, Shahbad, Kishanganj, Baran, Kota, Kheri, Pindwara, Chittaurgarh, and Udaipur (covering a distance of 300 miles or 480 km)

Starting at the Madhya Pradesh border, NH79 leads to Nimbahera, Chittaurgarh, Jharwasa, Nasirabad, and Ajmer (covering a distance of 140 miles or 220 km)

Nasirabad (National Highway 79) to Kishangarh (National Highway 8) via NH79A (covering a distance of 22 miles or 35 km)

Bikaner – Nokha – Nagaur – Ren – Pushkar – Ajmer – NH89 (covering a distance of 190 miles or 300 km)

NH90 Baran – Aklera (covering a distance of 62 miles or 100 km)

NH112 – Barmer Kawas – Tilwara – Balotra – Pachpadra – Kalyanpur – Jodhpur – Kaparda – Bilara – Jaitaran – Bar – and ending near Bar at the highway’s intersection with NH 14. (covering a distance of 213 miles or 343 km)

NH113 runs from Gujarat’s border to Banswara, Bari, Sohagpura, and Pratapgarh, eventually meeting up with National Highway 79 near Nimbahera (covering a distance of 120 miles or 200 km)

NH114 runs from near Pokaran on National Highway 15 to Dechhu, Shaitrawa, and Balesar, and ends near Jodhpur at the highway’s junction with National Highway 65. (covering a distance of 110 miles or 180 km)

NH116-From Sawai Madhopur to Tonk-r-Uniara-NH116-From Sawai Madhopur to Tonk-r-Uniara-NH116-NH116-NH116-NH116-NH116-NH116-NH116 (covering a distance of 50 miles or 80 km).

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