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RBI Governor List Of India PDF Free Download
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RBI Governor List Of India from 1935 to 2021

India’s central bank is the Reserve Bank of India. It is responsible for the country’s monetary policy. The RBI was established on April 1, 1935, under the RBI Act of 1934, on the proposal of the “Hilton – Young Commission.” It originated as a privately owned bank before being nationalised after India’s independence on January 1, 1949. The Reserve Bank of India is headquartered in Mumbai, however it was founded in Kolkata and moved to Mumbai in 1937. The Governor of the Reserve Bank of India is appointed by the Indian government. So date, the RBI has had 25 governors. Osborne Smith was the RBI’s first governor, while Shaktikanta Das is the current governor.

List of Governors Of Reserve Bank of India

The list of RBI Governors from 1935 to 2021 is as mentioned below:

RBI GovernorsTime Period 1935-2021
Sir Osborne SmithApril 1, 1935 – June 30, 1937
Sir James Braid TaylorJuly 1, 1937 – February 17, 1943
Sir C.D. DeshmukhAugust 11, 1943 – June 30, 1949
Sir Bengal Rama RauJuly 1, 1949 – January 14, 1957
K.G. AmbegaonkarJanuary 14, 1957 – February 28, 1957
H.V.R LyengarMarch 1, 1957 – February 28, 1962
P.C BhattacharyaMarch 1, 1962 – June 30, 1967
L.K. JhaJuly 1, 1967 – May 3, 1970
B.N. AdarkarMay 4, 1970 – June 15, 1970
S. JagannathanJune 16, 1970 – May 19, 1975
N.C. Sen GuptaMay 19, 1975 – August 19, 1975
K.R. PuriAugust 20, 1975 – May 2, 1977
M. NarasimhamMay 3, 1977 – November 30, 1977
I.G. PatelDecember 1, 1977 – September 15, 1982
Manmohan SinghSeptember 16, 1982 – January 14, 1985
Amitav GoshJanuary 15, 1985 – February 4, 1985
R.N. MalhotraFebruary 4, 1985 – December 22, 1990
S. VpnldraramananDecember 22, 1990 – December 21, 1992
C. RangarajanDecember 22, 1992 – November 21, 1997
Bimal JalanNovember 22, 1997 – September 6, 2003
Y.V. ReddySeptember 6, 2003 – September 5, 2008
D. SubbaraoSeptember 5, 2008 – September 4, 2013
Raghuram G. Raj anSeptember 4, 2013 – September 4, 2016
Urjit Ravindra PatelSeptember 4, 2016 – December 10,2018
Shaktikanta DasDecember 12, 2018 – to date

Duties, Roles & Responsibilities of RBI Governor

  • The RBI governors are in charge of ensuring monetary stability in an economy as the heads of the most famous financial organisations. As a result, it plays an essential part in the Reserve Bank of India’s policy formulation.
  • The governor of the RBI is also in charge of providing licences to start new foreign and private banks.
  • The governors have the authority to determine the country’s interest rates on advances and deposits. The scope of this power, however, is limited to mandating minimum loan rates and savings account interest rates.
  • The Governor regulates and administers the nation’s financial system, and he merely sets the limits under which the entire financial system operates.
  • The Governor of the Reserve Bank of India is in charge of managing external trade and payments, as well as promoting the orderly development and maintenance of India’s foreign exchange market, which is governed by the Foreign Exchange Management Act of 1999.
  • The issuance and destruction of cash that is not suited for public circulation, as well as the monitoring of adequate quantities of currency notes and coins in the country.
  • The Governor of the Reserve Bank of India maintains an eye on laws and regulations to see if they may be made more customer-friendly.
  • RBI governors lead and monitor primary co-operative banks through their Urban Bank Departments.
  • In addition, the RBI Governor has a role to play in facilitating and monitoring loan flows to small businesses, rural areas, and agricultural sectors. Regulatory authority over state cooperative banks, regional rural banks, and various community banks.

The Governor of the Reserve Bank of India is responsible for all of these duties, as well as many others.

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