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Durjoy Datta’s ‘She broke up, I didn’t’ is his third book in three years, and according to the cover, all of them have been ‘National Bestsellers.’ As a book lover and reviewer, it’s only logical that I’d be drawn to this title (or either of the other two in his ‘trilogy’). Surprisingly, I got my hands on SBUID (I’ll refer to it as such from now on) two days ago and decided to give it a shot.

Durjoy Datta’s ‘trilogy,’ with Dev and Avantika as the leading characters, is extremely successful among the youth. I endured the agony of reading the synopses of the previous two books, but getting through the third was never a concern. Dev and Avantika are the main characters, and they are madly in love with each other. Because of the setting (MDI, Gurgaon), this is yet another campus-based romantic novel (like the previous two). The plot revolves around Dev and Avantika’s college lives, as well as Dev’s friends Shashank and Mittal; Malini and Kabir are the other main characters.

Dev and Avantika enjoy life with each other as much as any other couple on the planet does. They have a very close bond with one another and prefer to live life to the fullest. But, as is common in marriages, there were misunderstandings, errors, and adulteries – not all of which ended with a dream walk and a patch up with your partner. Dev squanders not once, but twice, the confidence Avantika has given him over time. Though things were resolved the first time, their partnership was thrown into disarray after the second incident. The author has done an excellent job with the introduction of Malini into Dev’s life, as well as the well-reserved twist on whether Avantika has initiated herself into debauchery or not.

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