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Shukra Stotram

One can acquire merit by making Venus happy by reciting Shukra Stotra on a regular basis. Shukra Stotra is a powerful treatment for appeasing Shukra Dev. Shukra Stotra is a beautiful book to read, with powerful verses. There is an increase in the objects of consumption in your life as you recite the Shukra Stotra.

Shukra Stotram Benefits

• All domestic squabbles are resolved, and peace and prosperity reign supreme in the home. • The doshas or issues caused by Shukra’s unfavourable horoscope placement are rectified, and the subject achieves happiness and success in life. • Enemies are reconciled amicably, and many issues are addressed without much effort. • The candidate receives a powerful and persuasive speech to help him or her succeed in life, career, and business. • The good effects of a favourable Shukra in the horoscope are amplified, and the subjects rise to higher levels in life. • Those in the arts, luxuries, fashion design, and the beauty industry will shine and succeed in life if they recite this mantra. • You will achieve young looks and a disease-free life by chanting this mantra. • Your life’s troubles will be alleviated, and you will feel more secure and comfortable.

Shukra Stotram Lyrics in Hindi

। अथ शुक्रस्तोत्रप्रारम्भः ।

श‍ृण्वन्तु मुनयः सर्वे शुक्रस्तोत्रमिदं शुभम् ।

रहस्यं सर्वभूतानां शुक्रप्रीतिकरं शुभम् ॥ १॥

येषां सङ्कीर्तनान्नित्यं सर्वान् कामानवाप्नुयात् ।

तानि शुक्रस्य नामानि कथयामि शुभानि च ॥ २॥

शुक्रः शुभग्रहः श्रीमान् वर्षकृद्वर्षविघ्नकृत् ।

तेजोनिधिर्ज्ञानदाता योगी योगविदां वरः ॥ ३॥

दैत्यसञ्जीवनो धीरो दैत्यनेतोशना कविः ।

नीतिकर्ता ग्रहाधीशो विश्वात्मा लोकपूजितः ॥ ४॥

शुक्लमाल्याम्बरधरः श्रीचन्दनसमप्रभः ।

अक्षमालाधरः काव्यः तपोमूर्तिर्धनप्रदः ॥ ५॥

चतुर्विंशतिनामानि अष्टोत्तरशतं यथा ।

देवस्याग्रे विशेषेण पूजां कृत्वा विधानतः ॥ ६॥

य इदं पठति स्तोत्रं भार्गवस्य महात्मनः ।

विषमस्थोऽपि भगवान् तुष्टः स्यान्नात्र संशयः ॥ ७॥

स्तोत्रं भृगोरिदमनन्तगुणप्रदं यो

भक्त्या पठेच्च मनुजो नियतः शुचिः सन् ।

प्राप्नोति नित्यमतुलां श्रियमीप्सितार्थान्

राज्यं समस्तधनधान्ययुतां समृद्धिम् ॥ ८॥

। इति शुक्रस्तोत्रं समाप्तम् ।

Shukra Stotra Recitation Method and Benefits

  1. After showering, keep yourself pure by dressing in white or almond-colored clothing.
  2. Clean up the house’s temple.
  3. Take a seat on a white-colored seat that faces east.
  4. Then bow to Shukra Dev while meditating on him.
  5. After that, serve them white sweets after reciting the stotra.
  6. With the recitation of the Shukra Stotra, the number of things of pleasure and luxury in the house increases.
  7. The person’s beauty improves as a result of the influence.
  8. This stotra will bring happiness into your life.
  9. Pranay – It can also be utilised to deal with life’s issues.
  10. If you are having difficulties in your marriage, you will quickly gain valuable experience from its lessons.

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