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Sunderkand is the fifth phase of the epic Ramcharit Manas, which is based on Maharishi Valmiki’s Ramayana. In Sunderkand, Rashdoot, Pawanputra Hanuman is honoured, hence Shri Hanuman is the Sunderkand hero. The question now is whether the Sundarkand will survive.
What is the origin of the name Sunderkand?

Hanumanji travelled to Lanka in pursuit of Sitaji, and Lanka was situated on the Trikutanchal mountain. There were three mountains here: Trikutanchal, Trikutanchal, and Trikutanchal. The first mountains are the Subaal Mountains, where the fighting took place.

occurred. The second is the Nile Mountains, where the devils’ palaces formerly stood. The third mountain has a lovely name.

The Ashoka Vatika was built on this mountain. In this garden, Hanumanji and Sitaji met. Because the most important event took place on Sundar Parbat, it was given the name Sunderkand. Only on the magnificent mountain was there an Ashoka Vatika, and Hanumanji was in this Ashoka Vatika.

And when Sitaji arrived, the controversy was given the name Sundarkand. Hanumanji is claimed to have adopted a unique flair in these gatherings.

In truth, Sriramcharitmanas’ Sunderkand tale is quite different. The entire Shri Ramcharitmanas demonstrates Lord Shri Ram’s characteristics and endeavours. Sunderkand is the only episode in which Hanuman’s devotee Hanuman triumphs. Sunderkand’s text is supposed to fulfil all aspirations. If there is any form of issue or crisis, chanting Sunderkand will instantaneously resolve it.

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