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Surah Yaseen pdf free download
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Surah Yaseen

Surah Yasin is the heart of the Quran; whoever recites this verse throughout the day will live in God’s peace, and whoever shouts before going to sleep will receive a thousand prayers!

All who will honour its presence throughout its life, salute its mass after death, and remain in the tomb will play the prayer until the end, and the blessing of this prayer will turn this bandh and its tomb into a kashada, and they will always leave the tomb. These angels will be his companions the moment he awakens from his grave!

Those who laugh and chat about it will bring it good news from Hatta, and those who pass via Serrat e Mizan of Hatta will pray for Malayaka Mukerrabin and Ambia Mursalin, whose refinance after the arrival of Mehsira, Rabbul Izzat Irshad Firmega, If You Wish, Aye Mere Bande! Shifaat is the best option for the people!

And whatever you want, all the muksud will plead with you, but Allah Ta’ala will not force it gracefully, and no gunman will be judged by this people on the Day of Judgment, except the one whom he will bless and whatever he will name. Subhan Allah would say, “Looking at the case, there isn’t even a small gun from this guy that should be taken care of!”

Rasul A. Khuda, Janab a. C. Sallalah It is customary that whoever reads this verse Qurbatan Allallah will be exempt from all punishments and will complete 12 Quran Majid, and the second tradition is that if the sick person’s head receives this Surah, 22 Quran Majid will be completed. It is uncountable, and ten angels from each herf will be present near it if it is read!

And for this, after being constipated, Buxish would desire his soul, and those who read this verse while dying ill, or someone else, should have read it for it. Will bring Kosar water and inform it of Bahushat’s good news!

And Hazrat Sallallah Alehe Wasallam said that whoever listens to this verse gets the betterment of the world Akhtrat, because this verse is called Dafah, and those who read it make the world unafraid of Akhtrat, and it is also known as Kaziya. It’s because all of the risks that come with studying have been met!

The person who reads this once receives the honour of 22 Hajj, and the person who listens to it receives the honorary honour of this person who has given a thousand dinars, and the person who wrote it and washed it, then thousands of shifa, thousand noor, and thousand barkatte. And thousands of mercies will be granted, as well as the removal of all physical illnesses!

If Hazrat Sallallah Alehe Wassallam reads it with the aim of performing an auspicious ajab in the cemetery, the burial site will be far away, and the number of people in this mausoleum will be proportional to their income!

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