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Swar Vigyan Book PDF in Hindi Free Download
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Swar Vigyan Book
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Swar Vigyan

Vocabulary is a science that, with a little understanding, may help us avoid many of our daily troubles, and if mastered consistently, can help us reach the level of yogis. Inhaling and exhaling may be a natural action that we undertake without thinking about it. Breathing, like the beating of the heart, is a constant process whether we are aware of it or not. With each inhalation, we inhale Pranavayu into our bodies, infusing us with vitality.

From a scientific standpoint, the oxygen we breathe gets to our lungs, where it is carried by our blood cells to our numerous organs, but breathing’s activity does not end there. Sages have written vocal science to learn more about it in depth.

Breathing is referred to as prana in yoga in a distinct way. The way of breathing holds the key to being healthy and patient. A person who takes the appropriate amount of breath at the appropriate moment is disease-free.

Result of Swar Vigyan

It’s preferable if the voice comes out of the left nostril on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Similarly, if the sound comes from the right nostril on Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday, it is considered superior, and if it is not practised properly or the tone is unfavourable, the following are some of the outcomes:

  • On Sunday, you will experience bodily pain.
  • On Monday, there will be a divisive environment.
  • On Tuesday, there will be death and long-distance travel.
  • On Wednesday, the state will voice its opposition.
  • On Thursday and Friday, all work will be left undone.
  • On Saturday, the military and agriculture will be demolished.
  • If the vowel is not pronounced correctly, it can result in anything like this.

Classification Of Vowels

Because each vowel has an element, vowels are also separated by elements. The influence of air coming from Ida or Pingala (left or right nostril) is used to calculate it:

  • If the breath is 16 fingers long, the earth element is present.
  • If the breath is 12 fingers long, the water element is present.
  • If the length of one’s breath is eight fingers, the element of fire is present.
  • If the breath is 6 fingers long, the air element is present.
  • The sky element is present if the duration of the breath is three fingers.

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