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Tally Under Group List

Tally is a piece of accounting software that has been used to keep track of a variety of financial transactions and events. Inventory management, accounting, payroll preparation, multiple go-down management, cost centre management, and other functions are included because it is a multi-functional software.

Here is the Complete list of Tally Group

Accounts NameGroups
Accrued IncomeCurrent Assets
Accrued Rent/ Accrued IncomeCurrent Assets
Advertisement ExpensesIndirect Expenses
Advertisement PayableCurrent Liabilities
Air ConditionerFixed Assets
Apprentice PremiumDirect Incomes
Audit FeesIndirect Expenses
Bad DebtsIndirect Expenses
Bad Debts ReceivedIndirect Incomes
Bad Debts Reserve (last year balance)Indirect Incomes
BankBank Account
Bank BalanceBank Account
Bank ChargesIndirect Expenses
Bank CommissionIndirect Expenses
Bank LoanLoans & Liabilities
Bank OverdraftBank OD
Bills PayableCurrent Liabilities
Bills ReceivableCurrent Assets
Bombay BranchBranch & Division
BondsCurrent Assets
BuildingFixed Assets
CapitalCapital Account
CarFixed Assets
Car ExpensesIndirect Expenses
Car RepairIndirect Expenses
CarriageDirect Expenses
Carriage on SalesIndirect Expenses
CashCash in Hand
Cash at BankBank Account
Closing StockStock in Hand
Coal & FuelDirect Expenses
Coal, Gas & Water of FactoryDirect Expenses
Coffee ExpensesIndirect Expenses
Coke ExpensesIndirect Expenses
Commission (Cr.) / Commission ReceivedIndirect Incomes
Commission (Dr.)Indirect Expenses
ComputerFixed Assets
Consignment StockCurrent Assets
Consumed MaterialDirect Expenses
CoolageDirect Expenses
CreditorsSundry Creditors
DebtorsSundry Debtors
Deferred ExpensesCurrent Assets
Deferred IncomeCurrent Liabilities
Delhi BranchBranch & Division
DepreciationIndirect Expenses
Depreciation ReserveCurrent Liabilities
Difference in Trial Balance (Dr or Cr)Suspense Account
Discount (Cr.) / Discount ReceivedIndirect Incomes
Discount (Dr) / Discount AllowedIndirect Expenses
DonationIndirect Expenses
DrawingCapital Account
Electricity ExpensesIndirect Expenses
Expenses on PurchasesDirect Expenses
Expenses on SalesIndirect Expenses
Export DutyIndirect Expenses
FactoryFixed Assets
Factory Expenses (Lighting, Power etc.)Direct Expenses
Factory IncomesDirect Incomes
Farm HouseFixed Assets
FDRCurrent Assets
Fire InsuranceIndirect Expenses
Fitting Charges ReceivedIndirect Income
Forex Gain LossIndirect Expenses
FreightDirect Expenses
Freight InwardDirect Expenses
Freight on Purchase (Freight Inward)Direct Expenses
Freight on Sale (Freight Outward)Indirect Expenses
Freight OutwardIndirect Expenses
Fuel & Power of FactoryDirect Expenses
Furniture & FittingFixed Assets
Furniture & FixtureFixed Assets
Gas and WaterDirect Expenses
General ExpensesIndirect Expenses
General ReserveCurrent Liabilities
Godown RentIndirect Expenses
Goods Sent on ConsignmentSales Account
GoodwillFixed Assets
Horse & CartsFixed Assets
House RentCapital Account
Hundi (Assets)Current Assets
Hundi (Liability)Current Liabilities
Import DutyDirect Expenses
Income From RepairIndirect Incomes
Income on AssetsIndirect Incomes
Income on InvestmentsIndirect Incomes
Income TaxCapital Account
Input VAT 4%, 12.5%Duties & Taxes
InsuranceIndirect Expenses
Insurance ClaimIndirect Incomes
Insurance CompanySundry Debtors
Interest (Dr.)Indirect Expenses
Interest on CapitalIndirect Expenses
Interest on DrawingIndirect Incomes
Interest on LoanIndirect Expenses
Interest Received (Cr.)Indirect Incomes
Invest in Govt. BondInvestment
Labour ChargesIndirect Expenses
Land & BuildingFixed Assets
Lease Hold BuildingFixed Assets
Legal ExpensesIndirect Expenses
LIC Premium (Dr)Capital Account
LIC Refund (Cr)Capital Account
Life InsuranceCapital Account
Loan on Mortgage, LoansLoans & Liabilities
Loose ToolsFixed Assets
Loss By DamageIndirect Expenses
Loss by FireIndirect Expenses
Loss in TransitIndirect Expenses
Loss on AssetsIndirect Expenses
Loss on Joint VentureIndirect Expenses
Machine & ToolsFixed Assets
Machine RepairIndirect Expenses
Manager’s CommissionIndirect Expenses
Manufacturing ExpensesDirect Expenses
Master PlusInvestment
Miscellaneous ExpensesIndirect Expenses
Miscellaneous IncomeIndirect Incomes
Motor CycleFixed Assets
Motor Cycle RepairIndirect Expenses
Mutual FundInvestment
OctroiDirect Expenses
Office ExpensesIndirect Expenses
OilDirect Expenses
Opening StockStock in Hand
Output VAT 4%, 12.5%Duties & Taxes
Outstanding ExpensesCurrent Liabilities
Packing Exp.Indirect Expenses
Pan and Tea ExpensesIndirect Expenses
Personal ExpensesCapital Account
Petrol ExpensesIndirect Expenses
Plant & MachineFixed Assets
Postage & TelegramIndirect Expenses
Power & FuelDirect Expenses
Prepaid ExpensesCurrent Assets
Printing & AdvertisementIndirect Expenses
Printing & StationeryIndirect Expenses
Printing, Papers & AdvertisementIndirect Expenses
Production WagesDirect Expenses
Profit on ConsignmentIndirect Incomes
Profit on JointventureIndirect Incomes
Provision for Bad DebtsIndirect Expenses
Provision for Discount on CreditorsIndirect Incomes
Provision for Discount on DebtorsIndirect Expenses
Provision for Office ExpensesCurrent Liabilities
PurchasePurchase Account
Purchase of New LandFixed Assets
Purchase of Raw MaterialPurchase Account
Purchase ReturnPurchase Account
Purchase UP/ Ex-UPPurchase Account
Railway AuthoritySundry Debtors
Rates & TaxesIndirect Expenses
Refreshment ExpensesIndirect Expenses
RefrigeratorFixed Assets
RentIndirect Expenses
Rent & TaxIndirect Expenses
Rent on PurchaseDirect Expenses
Rent PayableCurrent Liabilities
Rent ReceivedIndirect Incomes
Repair & RenovationIndirect Expenses
Repairing Charges ReceivedIndirect Incomes
Return InwardSales Account
Return OutwardPurchase Account
SalaryIndirect Expenses
Salary & WagesIndirect Expenses
Salary PayableCurrent Liabilities
SalesSales Account
Sales ReturnSales Account
Sales UP/ Sales Ex-UPSales Account
ScooterFixed Assets
Shares / BondsInvestments
ShopFixed Assets
Shop ExpensesIndirect Expenses
Shop RentIndirect Expenses
Showroom / ShopFixed Assets
Showroom RepairIndirect Expenses
Stable ExpensesIndirect Expenses
Stamp & PostageIndirect Expenses
StationeryIndirect Expenses
Stock (1st April and 31st March)Stock in Hand
Stock of MaterialCurrent Assets
Sundry CreditorsSundry Creditors
Sundry DebtorsSundry Debtors
Tea Exp. PayableCurrent Liabilities
Tea or Coffee ExpensesIndirect Expenses
Telephone ExpensesIndirect Expenses
Telephone SecuritiesIndirect Expenses
Trade ExpensesIndirect Expenses
Train Freight & RentDirect Expenses
Travelling ExpensesIndirect Expenses
TypewriterFixed Assets
Unearned IncomeCurrent Liabilities
UPTTDuties & Taxes
VAT PayableCurrent Liabilities
Vehicle RepairIndirect Expenses
WagesDirect Expenses
Wages on ProductionDirect Expenses

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