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The Great Barrington Declaration PDF Download
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The Great Barrington Declaration

The Declaration of Great Barrington – We, as infectious disease epidemiologists and public health professionals, are deeply concerned about the harmful physical and mental health consequences of current COVID-19 regulations, and advocate a strategy we call Focused Protection.

We’ve dedicated our careers to safeguarding people, coming from both the left and the right, and from all over the world. Current lockdown practises are having disastrous short- and long-term consequences for public health. Lower childhood vaccination rates, worsening cardiovascular disease outcomes, fewer cancer screenings, and deteriorating mental health are just a few of the consequences – all of which will lead to increased excess mortality in the future, with the working class and younger members of society bearing the brunt of the burden. It is a tremendous injustice to keep students out of school.

Keeping these restrictions in place until a vaccination is available may create irreversible harm, disproportionately affecting the poor.

Fortunately, our knowledge of the virus is expanding. We know that the risk of death from COVID-19 is 1,000 times higher in the elderly and infirm than in the young. COVID-19 is, in fact, less risky for children than many other risks, such as influenza.

As the population’s immunity grows, the chance of illness for everyone – including the most vulnerable – decreases. We know that all populations will eventually achieve herd immunity, or a steady rate of new infections, and that this can be aided by (but not dependent on) a vaccine. Until we achieve herd immunity, our goal should be to reduce death and social suffering.

Allowing those who are at low risk of mortality to live normal lives while building up immunity to the virus by natural infection is the most humanitarian method that balances the risks and advantages of achieving herd immunity. This is referred to as Focused Protection.

The primary goal of public health responses to COVID-19 should be to safeguard the most vulnerable. Nursing homes, for example, should hire workers with acquired immunity and test all other employees and visitors on a regular basis. Staff rotation should be kept to a minimum. Groceries and other necessities should be delivered to the homes of retired persons who live alone. They should meet family members outside whenever possible rather than inside. It is fully within the scope and skill of public health professionals to implement a thorough and extensive list of interventions, including approaches to multi-generational households.

Those who are not at risk should be permitted to return to their normal lives right away. To lower the herd immunity threshold, everyone should implement simple hygiene practises like hand washing and staying at home when unwell. In-person instruction should be available in schools and universities. Sports and other extracurricular activities should be resumed. Young, low-risk persons should go to work instead of working from home. Restaurants and other enterprises should open as soon as possible. Arts, music, sports, and other forms of culture should be resumed. People who are more vulnerable can join if they want, while society as a whole benefits from the protection provided by those who have developed herd immunity.

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