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Trinadha Swamy Vratham Book

Devotees! With a clear mind, listen. It’s like nectar to hear the history of these trinities over and over. Madhusudan was attacked by a Noka Brahmin in the village of Sripuram. Due to his great poverty, he lives a life of begging. That Brahmin gave birth to a boy. Because the mother does not have enough milk, the boy’s body is shrinking day by day. Nitilu, the Brahmin’s wife, nodded as the boy became entangled. “Ayya! Pay close attention to what I’m about to say. “Give us a cow with milk for our child.” When her husband stated that, did Ozzy lose her mind? How do we identify a cow that will supply milk during a particularly bad week?

We don’t have any money gems. How am I supposed to be appreciated in this world? Wealthy people will be treated with respect by the rest of the world. The entire world is afraid of Atti. Who cares about folks like us who are poor? The Brahmin stated. O God of Brahma, the rest of the wife is unhappy! Why did you give birth to this child while under a warrant of arrest similar to ours? What will this baby eat and how long will it live? The Brahmin, saddened by the child’s cry that this infanticide was wrapped around me, inquired anxiously, and sold the retail goods in his house, such as the mandala and other retail goods, carefully taking the five rupees that had arrived and handing it to his wife, who looked at the money and rejoiced! He was advised not to spend the money on a milking cow.

The Brahmin, according to his wife, snatched the rupees and returned to the hamlet. I turned around and returned to the village where the great fortune teller resided. The money grains were flawless, and the showman was identical to Kuberuni. His cows are bursting at the seams with milk. The heavenly event, on the other hand, is a different storey. One of his cows was named ‘Bhoda.’ It still has a nasty mind. It will penetrate and consume the crops if it goes outdoors to graze. I broke into an elderly man’s farm and ate a ripe harvest one day while watching Shaukat. Shaukat was furious when he saw it and yelled, “Don’t look at its face any longer.” Yes, I’m going to sell it right now. “I have not been allowed 50 rupees, therefore now I will offer only five rupees if the bargain is struck,” Madhusudan told Shaukaru. “Shaukaru! Even though a cow costs 50 rupees, you will not be permitted, so I will offer you those five rupees. “Please give me the cow and the calf.” “You are shawkars,” the Brahmin remarked. Maintain your word. You will be unfaithful if you miss the term.” I enquired in Shaukat’s head when he heard the words “I am a Brahmin,” and he didn’t know. What is the source of this Brahmin’s listening? He extended his hand to the Brahmin as he stared at him.

He collected the money and immediately gave the cow and calf to the Brahmin. When the Brahmin woman saw the cow, she was as pleased as a flower. The milk was poured into the milk right away, and the son was overjoyed. The cow was nowhere to be found a few days later. When the sun set, the Brahmin saw that the cow had not arrived and went in quest of her. I took a look around the streets and the neighbouring fields. The cow was nowhere to be found. He awoke early the next morning and started out in search of the cow, walking a short way before coming across a tree in the garden.

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