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UP Population Control Bill 2021 Draft PDF Details
UP Population Control Bill 2021 Draft PDF Download
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UP Population Control Bill 2021 Draft

The Uttar Pradesh State Law Commission has made a draught of the Uttar Pradesh Population (Control, Stabilization, and Welfare) Bill, 2021 available to the public, and is seeking public input. According to the draught bill, any couple who has more than two children after the Act takes effect will be subject to the following disincentives:

Refusing to participate in government-sponsored social programmes;

  • Ration card Units are limited to four;
  • Prohibition on running for local office, etc.

UP Population Control Bill Draft

The Bill’s goal is to control and stabilise the state’s population in order to promote long-term development with more equitable distribution.

It further adds that by implementing and promoting two-child norms per eligible couple in the State through incentives and disincentives, it is vital to provide for measures to control, stabilise, and give welfare to the State’s population. The bill’s provision would apply to married couples in whom the boy is at least twenty-one years old and the girl is at least eighteen years old.

For Govt employees adhering to the two-child norm

The following incentives will be granted to public personnel under the supervision of the State Government who adopt the two-child standard by undergoing voluntary sterilisation on themselves or their spouses:

  • During the entire service, there will be two extra increments.
  • Subsidy for the purchase of a plot, home site, or built house from the Housing Board or Development Authority, as determined by the Housing Board or Development Authority.
  • Soft loan for housing building or purchase at nominal interest rates, as prescribed.
  • Refunds on payments for utilities such as water, electricity, and water, as well as house taxes, if applicable.
  • Maternity or paternity leave of 12 months with full pay and benefits is available.
  • Under the national pension system, there will be a 3% rise in the employer contribution fund.
  • The spouse receives free health care and insurance coverage.

For Govt employees adhering to the one-child norm

  • Four additional increments
  • A single child is entitled to free health care and insurance coverage until he reaches the age of twenty.
  • Admission to all educational institutions, including but not limited to Indian Institute of Management, All India Institute of Medical Science, and others, is given to single children.
  • Education is free up to the point of graduation.
  • In the case of a girl child, a scholarship for higher education is available.
  • In government jobs, a single child is given preference.

Special Benefit to Couple Living under the Below Poverty Line

According to Section 7 of the bill, a couple living below the poverty line with only one child who undergoes voluntary sterilisation on himself or spouse will be eligible for a one-time lump-sum payment from the government of Rs. 80,000 if the single child is a boy and Rs. 1 lakh if the single child is a girl.

Bar on applying to government jobs

Employees who have broken the two-child policy are barred from applying for government jobs under Section 10 of the bill.

“Whoever, after the commencement of this Act, in contravention of the two-child norm procreates more than two children shall be ineligible to apply for government jobs under the State Government, notwithstanding anything contained in any law dealing with the employment of government employees for the time being in force.”

Individuals who are currently employed by the State government are exempt from this provision.

It further specifies that any government employee working for the State government who has more than two children at the time of the Act’s enactment must give an undertaking that they will not act in violation of the two-child rule.

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