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World Map Atlas PDF Free Download
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World Map Atlas

Many people think that the word “atlas” derives from the Greek god Atlas, who was depicted carrying the entire world on his broad shoulders and was given the same name as the geographical coordinate system. Claudius Ptolemaeus, who was sometimes called Ptolomy, was a scholar who lived in the second century. He is often called the “father” of modern maps, and he also made important contributions to astronomy and mathematics.

As a result of this, atlases and maps have long been considered important all throughout the world, from those living in ancient cultures to people living in modern audiences who use Google Maps.

Check out our World Atlas with links to maps of countries, states, and regions, and get a geography guide as well as details about each country in question while you’re there. In order to provide you with solutions to all of your pressing geographical questions, our map library and atlas archive allow you to travel the world’s nations.

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