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World Map Blank PDF Free Download
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World Map

A globe map depicts most or all of the Earth’s surface. Because of their size, world maps must deal with the issue of projection. Due to the necessity of rendering maps in two dimensions, the display of the earth’s three-dimensional surface is distorted. While this is true of any map, with a globe map, the distortions are at their most dramatic. Many ways have been devised to display world maps that meet a variety of technical and aesthetic goals. Charting a world map necessitates a comprehensive understanding of the planet, its seas, and continents. It would have been impossible to create an accurate global map from prehistory to the Middle Ages because no culture knew more than half of the Earth’s coastlines and a small proportion of its continental interiors. Exploration began during the European Renaissance, and knowledge of the Earth’s surface gathered quickly, so that by the mid-1700s, most of the world’s coastlines had been mapped, at least roughly, and the continental interiors by the twentieth century.

Maps of the world usually concentrate on either political or physical elements. Territorial boundaries and human settlement are highlighted on political maps. Mountain ranges, soil types, and land use are all depicted on physical maps. Not just the surface, but also the underlying rock, fault lines, and subterranean formations are depicted on geological maps. Color hue and intensity are used in choropleth maps to contrast disparities across regions, such as demographic or economic data.

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