YSR Jala kala Scheme Form 2022 PDF in Telugu

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YSR Jala kala Scheme Form 2022 PDF in Telugu
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YSR Jala kala Scheme Form 2022
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YSR Jala kala Scheme Form 2022 PDF

Because of the high cost of borewells and the scarcity of water resources, the Andhra Pradesh government has launched a new scheme called YSR Jala Kala to assist all farmers who are unable to obtain enough water supplies. Farmers in the state who are unable to provide adequate water due to high borewell costs and a lack of water resources will be able to profit from the scheme. Farmers will be given assistance in digging free borewells and free borewells under the scheme.

Farmers in the state will receive free borewells for their land under this programme. Borewells, as we all know, are extremely expensive. The state government of Andhra Pradesh has chosen to provide free borewells to address the issue that not every farmer can afford to have one installed. Farmers would be able to utilise natural groundwater supplies for irrigation with ease under the system. As a result, their crop will be good, and their revenue will rise.

YSR Jala kala Scheme Form – Required Documents

To apply for the YSR Jala Kala Scheme, you must have the following documentation.

  1. Address proof
  2. White ration card
  3. Land documents
  4. Bank passbook
  5. Latest passport size photo

The YSR Jala Kala Program’s Highlights

  • The government has agreed to dig free borewells for needy and eligible farmers in all thirteen (13) districts of the state as part of the YSR Jala Kala initiative of NAVARATNALU, with the goal of irrigating every acre of fertile land.
  • Before beginning the drilling, the borewell sites must be scientifically identified by conducting ground water surveys.
  • Any farmer with a continuous land area of 2.5 acres and no existing borewell is eligible. If a farmer does not have 2.5 acres of continuous property, he or she can organise a group and apply for a free borewell.
  • Small and marginal farmers, as well as SC/ST/Women farmers, would be given priority.
  • Farmers can apply for a free borewell online or through the village secretariat, and the VRO will validate the application and forward it to the appropriate APD / MPDO.
  • The assigned drilling contractor will conduct a ground water survey with the assistance of a certified geologist and submit a feasibility report to the concerned APD / MPDO for estimate generation.
  • The work will be entrusted to the drilling contractor after PD receives administrative approval from District Collector / JC, Aasara.
  • Borewell sanction information will be given to applicants through SMS at each stage of the process.
  • Following the completion of borewell drilling, the concerned authorities will take a digital snapshot with geo-tag of the beneficiary in the presence of the drilling contractor.
  • Advanced IoT-enabled technology will be used to measure the depth of the drilled borewell and the depth of the casing, reducing the need for human intervention.
  • Drilling contractors will be paid based on the districts’ predetermined success percentages.
  • If the first borewell fails, a second one will be drilled if it is possible.
  • At a successful borewell site, work on a recharge pit/water collection structure will begin.
  • All borewells drilled under this initiative will be subjected to a social audit.
  • At headquarters, a programme management unit (PMU) will be established to effectively monitor the program’s implementation.
  • The GO defines the roles and responsibilities of various officials involved in the program’s implementation.
  • District Collectors will provide guidance and direction to all stakeholders in order to ensure that the programme is implemented effectively.

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