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Yuddha Kanda

The Yuddha Kanda (also known as Lanka Kanda) is one of the most important chapters in the Ramayana epic. The Yuddha Kandam depicts the battle between Rama’s army and Ravana’s army.

The original Valmiki Ramayan contains 6000 shlokas. Baal kanda, Ayodhya kanda, Aranya kanda, Kishkinda kanda, Sundara kanda, and Yuddha kanda are the six kandas in all.

Ramayana Yuddha Kanda

Jambavan instructs the monkeys Nala and Nila to begin constructing the sea bridge. As a result, Nila and Nala begin building a bridge over the water with the assistance of other monkeys. Ram remembers his chosen God, Lord Shiva, and decides to build a Rameswaram shrine.

When the bridge is finished, Ram’s army crosses it and arrives in Lanka, setting up camp on Mount Suvela. When Mandodari learns of Ram’s army’s approach, she urges Ravan to surrender Sita to Ram, fearing for her husband’s safety. Prahasta, Ravan’s son, likewise tries unsuccessfully to bolster his mother’s feelings. From his retreat in Suvela, Rama fires a warning shot that hits Ravan’s crown and royal umbrella.

Mandodari tries a second time to persuade Ravan to return Sita to Ram. In the meantime, Ram consults Jambavan on the best course of action. Jambavan advises sending Angada as a messenger to give Ravan the chance to return Sita.

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